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lately. i'm DYING.
first day in smma for form six.
menghabis kan wang.
disturb abang di jusco lagi. =)
treatment for my hair.
dating. plus his reunion. plus no money.
reunion peteq. (:
tuesday. 27.
sarang heyo.


Hang out. ^__^
Sunday, May 23 | 23:51 ✈


hi. so. today i had a wonderful day. why? because i had a great dinner. its quite long that i haven't went to this shop. finally. its like a food fall from heaven. ayah took us. mak and i. 
 at BATA. fais bought another shoe.
familiar with this sign?
ayah. <3
thats me.
mak. <3<3<3
drink through nostril.wahaha.
yum !!

and today i had attend to my cousin's wedding. i wear mak old clothes. a old fashion but still some people stare at me. maybe they thought that i'm old fashioned. whatever. i like to look different from others. its my style. hee. :)) but not a very over strange look ya. daaa. 

well. lately i'm feel so so missing. and of course i miss u my dear ABANG. hope our plan will be on this week ya. please don't make any changes. :(( just one more month and u'll be gone to uitm. leave me here. ily. 

well. okay. i think enough for this entry. till then. take care.


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