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disturb abang di jusco lagi. =)
treatment for my hair.
dating. plus his reunion. plus no money.
reunion peteq. (:
tuesday. 27.
sarang heyo.
do nothing. eat nothing. feel nothing.
balek kampungg.
at last.
Wahai... Pemilik nyawaku Betapa lemah diriku ini ...


menghabis kan wang.
Monday, May 10 | 00:40 ✈


hi. we meet again. act. nothing to story. these days is so boring. just seat back in the house doing nothing except clean the house la. well. lets cut all the activities that i am doing all along k. so. today is a different. early in the morning mak woke up me. we must go to pak long's house. because kak lang will get married soon. i can't wait dear. i am so excited till nothing i am doing there. just went to the shop to buy BELACAN. ahaha. who will say NO to 125. really hot abg afiq's motorcycle. so after we have lunch. my sis and i was going to send ami at krubong. she went to work at there. so i just get an idea. why should us just back home?? lets go shopping la. so we went to giant. ahahaha. without any money. we took a look at syiria scarf . ooh. evil just envy us. and my sis went to withdraw. and and we bought that scarf. not one or two but four. ahhai. PUNAH DUET. adehh. 

ooh ya. tomorrow. i mean today la. i gonna go to SCHOOL. ya school. i am taken for form six students at munshi abdullah. near my house. adehh. i am feel so lazy thinking that i am gonna go to school again. as a student. cheet. well. just face the fact right. and i am gonna do that. i will never give up just like that. this journey of my life isn't end yet. bhahaha. (semangat giler). well. till then. bye. ok. bye. 

sesuai takk??


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