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Tuesday, July 31 | 00:12 ✈


Hi there, well as I wrote last night I'll do the challenge today right. So, the challenge is Day 1 - Seven things that cross your mind a lot. Whoa, seven things maa. Err, fikir kejap lahh. Layan Day By Day by T-ara. As u know, T-ara skang sedang mengalami konflik di mana group member di plus nyee 2 owang but Hwayoung is out of the member. Err, what's actually happened ? They tweet bout this and let's others know and so many assumptions pop out right now. Seriously, I love this idol. The girls especially Jiyeon. I really hope they'll settle down this things cause I'm afraid it'll affect the fans. I mean, the real fans that actually support them from they debut. Please, clear this matter as soon as possible. -,- 

So, let's start the challenge yaw !

  1. Countdown for the next holiday. RAYA ! (currently)
  2. Money. Countdown (again) the next allowance.
  3. My weight. Seriously, I keep put on weight. My tummy just won't be the same and I decided to have some exercises but it turn to be my nap time. -,-
  4. Study or I guess I'm worrying bout my practical at Poliklinik Ayer Keroh for this Semester break in December. 
  5. My family. Sister just got a job and she have no break for this Raya. Poor her. My father's wound is totally awful cause he has Diabetic. And I have to clear all the debt with my mother.
  6. Chepa. Absolutely missing him. Looking forward for this break to make date with him. And I'm jealous cause he has a Tablet now.
  7. Food. As u know, I'm put on weight so my food stock in a bad condition cause I've no money to re-stock all the fav. Ooh, I can't have chocolate until the next allowance.  -,-
Well, that's it. Seven things that totally cross my mind a lot these days. So, wanna stop here.

Till then, take a good care of yourself. 


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