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March ended.
Once again.
Thousand Years.
Najwa Mahiaddin "Got to Go"
Baby, I'm so tired.
I'm back.


Sixty minutes.
Monday, April 16 | 22:27 ✈


Hi babes apa khabar ? Seriously busy practical and playing games The Sims Social yang sangat awesome. HAHA berlumba dengan Saidatina Syairah and Nurul Jannah but can't compete with them, seriously their sims's house really like a dream house. -,- jealous

Currently mood swings cause many bad things and nonsense things happened in the ward. What kind of girls they are ? Yeah, I don't give a damn for the first time but they make some moves that catch the relatives and others attention. Like they don't care. Like they don't guilt. They don't feel guilty for what they have been. Why ? I keep wondering. They such a young young girls. At that age, I don't even have a boyfriend and enjoy my times with my girlfriends all the times. But they.. Yeah, budak-budak zaman sekarang. 

Well, I hope and I pray for them to realize someday what exactly they have done for their entire life will be effect if they don't give an effort to realize. Huh, just wondering what exactly in their minds

Till then, take care. 


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