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Sunday, July 8 | 18:13 ✈


Its been awhile since the last post. Yup, I've been quite busy these days. Plus, the last holiday we have a big event that is my angah's wedding. Alhamdulillah, it runs smoothly like ayah and others planned. And for this  wedding we have added 1 more stuff ; dinner for our big families. Kindly ayah sponsored his deer for that dinner. nomnomnom. So delicious. Well, if u wanna buy deer u can contact me. And I'll get u to ayah cause I don't know much about business. Rusa not kijang. We have rusa bintik also. 

Okay, cut that issue. Now, I wanna share with u that I've been fulfill my wishlist. HAHA. Nikon Dslr 5100 is mine. At last, its been about three years in my wishlist. And now, its all mine. But, I've used mak's money. And I'm gonna pay for that. Sooner or later, I must pay. Thanks mak cause helping me to tick the box of Nikon. Thanks so much.  

And now, I'm playing duet kutu cause I wanna buy a new hp. Mine already broke due to the how careless I am. But I've to wait until next year to get my turn. February 2013. Insyaallah. Hope everything will be great. Ooh yeah, abang already finish his practical and currently at his college and have start classes today. I wonder why he doesn't call me back. -,- Busy barangkali right. Just wait. 

I don't know why this semester I've been so homesick. Its just one week I'm here and I feel that I wanna go home so badly. Ugh, I just can't wait for the next holiday. Please, I just wanna be at home, eating, watching movies, playing games like a boss. -,- 

Err, don't have any great story or interesting one to be told. So, keyboard off. Kinda. TROLL 

Till then, take care. 


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