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Wednesday, March 14 | 21:40 ✈


Hi, it's been awhile. Saya kinda busy cause baru balik cuti midterm last week and continue my practical at the surgical ward which is quite busy with all the dressing, hourly observations, patients can't move due to the pain and post operation, and etc. Though I've no time to checking up my lovely Sims. Poor Sims. 

And another two weeks from now, I'll have my formative examination. I don't even start to read a topic or even a title of the topic. Nak cakap penat practical uhh memang lahh tapi ada jee masa. Masa yang ada uhh pulak diisi dengan social things. Memang lahh. 

So, I'm hoping so bad this semester I would like to be in the Dean's List of course since saya memang takk penah even dekat sekolah sekali pun. Kalau setakat P.J dapat naek pentas itu memang takk dikira lahh kan. So, I hope it'll be my turn now. But it seems I don't make enough or any effort at all. 

Macamana lahh nak dapat kalau takk usaha. Cakap jee memang lahh pandai tapi buat nya tidak. Plans dahh banyak kat kepala hotakk tapi laksana nya tidakk. Berangan jelah lebih nie. 


Well, it's all for now. I don't have any idea or story to be told for now. And I'll keep update bout me in Twitter instead of FB where I just on for my Sims. 

Till then, take all the precaution for your own self.


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