Never doubt yourself. You're capable of so much more than you think. "Inded, ALLAH is with the patient".

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Here I come.
Sixty minutes.
March ended.
Once again.
Thousand Years.
Najwa Mahiaddin "Got to Go"
Baby, I'm so tired.


Jyeah, another 2.
Friday, May 18 | 18:48 ✈


So hi, I'm getting bored wandering around this college while waiting for the result and actually doing nothing all day long. Ugh, I just wanna leave this lame place as soon as I can but I've to wait. Be patient me. I've another one and half year at this college. The place that fills with weirdo people. Who actually between the beast and the beauty. Its that consider as a monster. HAHA. Ignore me. I'm mumbling nonsense words. Again and again

memes / ...

Yeah, people do change. They change to be better or worst is all up to them. Now I hope I'll change too. To be a better person for my family, friends and of course my future husband. I'll strive for that. Its my own life right. So, I'm gonna make that work. I'm not gonna let someone that I cared and loved so much hurt and sad because of me. Err, see ! I'm mumbling again. Nonsense. 

I think I've should stop now before someone mad at this entry. 

Till then, take care.


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