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naseb badan.
ooh sayang !
holiday !
my journey. ooh yeah !
iela rindu abang !
KLH sport trading !
oh a day full with happiness !


fed up !
Wednesday, August 18 | 17:39 ✈


hi u all. so how's life?

me? getting worst. day by day. ooh bored !

so yesterday i cooked my tart's flavor.

wow. without anyone's help. i did it myself. and i succeed. 

so happy. :))

can't wait to finish doing my tart.

well. these two days. i kept playing hidden objects games.

with my sister. yeah. it's damn hard to solve the mysterious. 

until my boyfriend mad of me because i didn't reply his message.

i am so sorry dear. please.

i want dedicate this words for him.

a word that we couldn't say without actions.
a word that so freaking me out.
a word that have thousands of meanings.

i dedicate this word for u.
i mean it.
i feel it.
i want it.

as long as i breath.
as long as i live.

u will be always mine !

well. enough for this entry.

till then. i love u.


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