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Monday, August 9 | 10:11 ✈


hi. so da lama sangat saya ta update blog kan awak semua. well. kinda busy right now.

lagipon ta de mood nak bercerita. 

sempena menyambut ramadhan al mubarak tahun nie. syukur. saya dapat cuti. 

mungkin ramai yang cemburu. well. redha jelah yup. hehehe.

tahun nie nak pose kaw kaw nye. 

kaw kaw?? hee. nak tambah pahala wat amal ibadah la tahun nie.

lets talk about life at KMM.

dok sana 2 weeks ta balek. 1 mggu uhh plak budak pst cuti.

walaweh. macam2 cerita dengar. yeah. of coz la criter like "that".

macik cleaner juga laa. pe cer selebihnya?? ta yah la tau. busy body betol.

oke. change story. last week. i have to do some project.

its kind of english assignment. i have to do movie review. and my new partner is my class monitor.

we had chosen CLASH OF THE TITANS.

wow ! it sound awesome right??

we did it a week. and already done with joyfully.

walaweh. caya la BI saya rite?

in english class. we must speaking or otherwise it will be 5 minutes public speaking in front of the class.

3 times u be punished and u will have ur public speaking in PP. haha. 


saya bukan nak bangga laa. tapi sya ta penah kena. sebab setiap kali kelas BI saya senyap jee.

hehe. jangan mara haa. 

itu baru kelas BI. belum kelas chemistry. LEC GARANG??

yeah. for this subject. ntah macamane kami beruntnung dapat lec gitu. 

mereka selalu sedarkan kami waktu kami terleka. 


oke. change story again.

about my love. yeah. its complicated. its all my fault. maybe this is the first time we get far apart.

i admit that i can't face it. 

moreover, i just can't help myself from this kind of evil-devil-monster feelings.

i always get jealous with his friends. no matter how much he try to get me understand. but i can't.

just look at how they take pictures. who will not get jealous. unless u just making a puppy love.

well. because of that. i don't eat for one day. hey. one day only.

but my mom called him to settled down. 

yeah. we fine again
just u in my life. i have no strength to be far away from u.
so please dont do like this anymore or i will kill u. BEWARE !

day by day. i know that love is not easy as i thought.

and of course love yourself first before u love somebody.

well. i think enough for this entry.

till then. take care. and make yourself more happier than before.

i love u. <3


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