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balek kampungg.
at last.
Wahai... Pemilik nyawaku Betapa lemah diriku ini ...
Muhasabah Cinta
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do nothing. eat nothing. feel nothing.
Monday, April 26 | 15:39 ✈


hye. this day is so bored. early in the morning mak already yell at me. nak cakap salah saya tak jugak. hmmm. it's okey. never mind. i am sorry mak. then i won't woke up. i actually back to sleep after mak went to work. yeah. yeah. i am lazy. i know. u just don't please me okey. while i was sleeping my cat also slept with me. tibe tibe akak panggil. what???!! gala muntah. ( gala is my cat's name ) and i know i must clean it. da la muntah kat bilik angah. if he knows. abess laa. oooh yeah. last night abang dropped his new cellphone in a cup of water. OMG. macam mane nak text message nanti sayangg??? aleh aleh (CEH ) roy called me. he said abes laaa. eleh. pasal ko nak datang la abang must served u tau. nak buat air. then i called abang. he said the screen totally broke. tak nampak pape. emmm. malam uhh tido tanpa message la. )=  tapi tapi fortunately. lunch tadi called abang. he said hp da okey. what a relief. but he out of credit. tak pat message gakk. but never mind. janji da elok. well okey la. so bored and no story to tell. later.

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