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Sunday, September 29 | 20:51 ✈


Hi, HAHA seriously lama benau takk post berblogging berupdate bagai nie. My life has been so busy this last semester. Yeah, already last year, last semester. Pejam celik pejam celik dahh tiga tahun duk merempat kat JB nie. HAHA. Sem nie lagi lagilahh merempat. Kejap JB, kejap Kulai and next Kota Tinggi okay. Even takk sebulu dengan management yang macam monyet nie tapi apakan daya. Ku turuti dengan langkah berat. 

Well, nothing much happened since saya nie bukan lahh orang penting pung kan. So things going just fine and I managed to handle some sort of problems which is not even a problems cause its just a small matter. But for me well takk matang lagi kann. Experienced it. Yeah, thats it. Just wear my smile everyday even in the grey day. 

Selesai isi form for LJM and posting and so on. And I'm really scared which place that will be my workplace. I really hope I get Melaka of course. Please, pray for me. Really need to be with family since I don't really being with them since school. Duduk asrama bagai, rumah cik ani and whatever lahh. And the most important is I just got my own bedroom. HAHA. Paksa ayah buatkan satu bilik untuk saya sorang cause sume ada bilik sendiri tapi saya dahh lama shared dengan kakak. HEE. 

So, I just really hope and hope and really really hope Melaka will be my workplace. Guys, pray for me do yeah. I appreciate it. (: 

fotos para tus novelas | via Facebook

Well, I guess that's all for this entry. Will update later. LATER. HAHA. Takk tau lahh bile uhh. 

Till then, take care guys.  

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