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7 Days Learn Islam Challenge.
Selami hati mereka.
Forever 21 ♥ Part 2
Forever 21 ♥ Part 1
Happy Birthday !
Ice cream.
I am so BORED.


Name of Allah.
Monday, April 1 | 23:18 ✈


So, let's start the challenge yaw !

First day. 

  1. Al-Rahman - Maha Pemurah.
  2. Al-Rahim - Maha Pengasih.
  3. Al-Ghaffar - Maha Pengampun.
  4. Al-Wahab - Maha Pemberi.
  5. Al-Latif - Maha Lembut.
5 out of 99 names, my most favorite Name of Allah. That's in my routine doa or zikir. In sha Allah.


Happy. Bila kita sedang sediakan makanan either cook some lauk pauk or baked some cakes, and bila dahh siap kita bagi family and orang tersayang makan. Their faces masa makan uhh lahh yang buat kita senang hati, puas, gembira. Selalunya makanan yang kita masak uhh jarang kita yang nakk rasa dulu or yang nak abeskan. Kita lagi kenyang tengok orang lain yang abeskan. That's the feeling. 

Stir some non-dairy whipping cream to make the Pavlova's topping while teasing ayah with the cream. The kitchen turn to be in chaos. And here's come the Queen to control it down. HAHA. Love em so muchiee. 

I miss home. 

 Till then, take care. 

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