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Saturday, December 11 | 12:44 ✈


hey. i am freaking damn missing my abang and and of course my friends who i left without saying good bye. well. i know my bad. like the older post i already mentioned it. so i hope u will accept my apologize. yeah. i admit that kind little bored went out from matriculation so early. and doing nothing at home. and with abang that totally busy studying because his examination just around the corner plus plus without credit so we don't contact as usual. so can u imagine how lonely i am. because before this i always surrounded with this mumbling bubbling kind of friends and and i never lost contact with my abang so long like this. ooh i missing missing missing them. 

please i want them. i want credit. i want to meet them. well i guess about credit i will absolutely get it soon or later but meet my friends probably is not going happen. so sorry my friends. i just can't let go if i meet u once again. so just keep going without me. i know u can do better than me in matriculation. and and abang please study smart and get your target pointer okay my dear. i miss u and of course i need u. just don't suspicious with me. i will not turning back from u. i love u honey. and i hope u too. loving each other. and i trust u

well. i think just enough for this entry. don't have much ideas because i have a missing disease. so till then. just take care of yourself. 


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