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Sunday, November 14 | 23:03 ✈


Hi. So sekarang nie da selamat sampai daa kolej nie. Walaupon still dalam mood holiday but better stop it and forget it. Tomorrow gonna start new sem with new fresh hopes. Brand new season babe. Will rock on it. Yeah, I mean study smart not playing around. :) Hope I will do that. Pray for me. But fear of result which will come out soon really bothering me. So scared to think what gred i will get. A B C D ? Can u feel it ? Scary huh. Okay. let's cut it out. Don't want to talk about it. Just pray for my success. 

Well. Due to the title, last night my father treat me and of course my family for dinner at Johny's. Of course there are some pictures. :) After dinner, my father sent us home and he went to hotel with mom. How could they leave their children alone for a night. HAHA. Never mind. Sometimes they may have time for their own self right. So do I. So do u. We need time to clear something about ourselves. No wonder what. Macam muhasabah diri laa. Relaxing. Calm yourself. Yeah,we need those.

Ooh yeah. Can't wait for the Wednesday. HAHA. Guess what ?? Abang in Malacca. :)) wink.wink. And we will meet. Thank God I have one day off. Better than nothing right. Abang,we gonna meet. Miss u really damn much. Love u. <3 Tomorrow he will take a ride to back home. Hope he will safe home. Iela waiting for u abang. For the meantime,please don't be naughty or you'll be dead meat. ILY. 

So. I think enough for this entry. I wanna do some stuff like orderly my drawer my clothes even my notes. ughh. really crowded in here. Feel like trowing all the things. :) Till then. Take care.


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