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saya baru cuti tau !
so and so
i want this ! i want that !
puas ati !
consider la siket !
err. anything ? nothing.
tart and cornflakes.
ooh bored !
fed up !


happy eid al mubarak guys !
Friday, September 10 | 00:27 ✈


alhamdulillah. at last we have succeed to finish our holy month: RAMADHAN.

begin with today. the night of eid day.

my neighbours can't stop playing fireworks. dum dam. 

like a war. but NAUZUBILLAH. i don't want a war.

i like peacefully place. and the place is my country. MALAYSIA.

yup. just now my neighbours came to my house to takbir. 

it is like a tradition in our village. we served them ketupat with rendang.

alhamdulillah. may ALLAH bless all of us. AMIN.

i would like to wish u all HAPPY EID AL MUBARAK.
may this year will be the best ever eid in your life. hehe.

ooh yeah. this evening, my abang came to my house. he want to give my surprise.

a necklace. a brooch. it is so lovely. thanks honey.

and and i gave him the only special one in this world of PINEAPPLE TART

wow. gorgeous right ?? HAHA. i know it is not gorgeous but freaking u out.

well. i feel tired all day long preparing for eid. but inside me. i feel so happy.

i hope we will be able to celebrate eid the next next years.

i think enough for this entry.

till then. take care. and happy eid !!


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