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Monday, August 23 | 01:31 ✈


Yup. i already back to college. without finished my homework.

yeah. i have to stay up. but i just online. not doing my work.

lazy?? what do u think? do i care?? hahaha.

well. this evening. ainaa left her phone in her father's car.

wow. can u imagine your life without phone for the whole 

weeks in this busy life in college??

ooh no ! if this happened to me. it is so worst babe.

well.let's cut it off.

so. let me see what kind of topic do i wanna share.

haa. let's talk about history. islamic history.

as a muslim we have to know our religion's history.

about our prophet. for example. don't take it easy.

this world would not be everlasting.

we will die one day.

and all that we did will be counted by ALLAH. 

so. during this month. this lovely month. full it with knowledge about islam.

make good things avoid bad things. 

leave all the bad in ourselves. 

create a new. fresh. and good muslim.

we can do it.

so. i think enough for this entry.

if i got wrong. please forgive me.

all the bad came from me. and the goods from ALLAH.

till then. take care.


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