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Extremely sad !
Sunday, January 1 | 22:38 ✈


So, how was your new year celebration ? I hope 2011 leaves us with a good memory though 2012 will lead us to the light even to the brighter one. Yeah, I do hope for that. I wanna change myself, transform to be the good and better. It's been 5 hours I'm arrived at college. I do regret for not doing something that really fill my break. I only meet him twice for this break. And I do of course regret it. I don't welcome this new year cause it'll be my first year be 20 y/o. I don't enjoy so much in my 'belasan tahun'. Well, kalau mahu cakap pasal menyesal lagi memang habis 2012 saya takk habis story doe. 

So, saya letak harapan yang sangat tinggi tahun nie untuk do everything that worth to do and of course I can do it with my whole heart. Kalau setakat nak belajar masak western and desert I can do it. Yes, saya sangat yakin but this time I'll be more focus to masakan melayu terutama asam pedas yang saya masak ta berapa nak rasa asam setakat pedas saja. And semestinya saya ada wishlist stuff gadgets yang menjadi igaun di siang hari untuk saya miliki. Yeah, I'll work for it. Hurm, study ? Semester tiga takk de teruk macam semester lepas so, wa wat lekk jelahh boleh ? HAHA, focus to upgrade my pointer. nasib kekal 3 pointer. Alhamdulillah. Berkat usaha yang takk berapa dan doa ibu bapa dan kawan-kawan yang banyak. Thanks. ^^

Cinta ? Of course i'll give my very best for my relationship. I'll try and do all I can just for you and me. Sorry sebab selalu buat abang marah dengan iela. Ye, iela sangat menyakitkan hati even now u ngah marah. Iela mintak maaf. Keadaan iela semalam, haa, sorry memang salah iela. Iela betul-betul mintak maaf. Kita dah genap 3 tahun bang. Macam takk caya je. Cepat betul masa berlalu. Rase macam minggu lepas je iela maen tenung-tenung dengan abang. How sweet zaman persekolahan kan. I do  miss it. Abang, iela nak cakap thanks sangat-sangat cause sudi in relationship dengan iela till today. I've done many mistakes but u keep forgiving and forgetting. Terima kasih sayang. And I love u very much, only u know how much it is. Being with u is the wonderful thing that I always want every single day, single minutes even seconds. ILYSFDM

Till then, take care. 


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