Never doubt yourself. You're capable of so much more than you think. "Inded, ALLAH is with the patient".

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Favoritism or Nepotism ?
Wednesday, December 21 | 23:01 ✈


okay, kinda depress right now due to current situation. tension ! why ? this question mark floating all over my head from this morning. well, u know the meaning of my entry post ? u can Google it later. what i'm gonna say in this entry is my uneasy feeling. yeah, it IS cause i can feel it now. so, present tense. i just can't get it why ? you push very hard, you make a dead decision without discussion even though it's all about the person life, you make things become harder, you buy good things for others but not for the person, you make the only person to become the Sacrifice-er, the person who have to cool down by person-self, you make the person to be patient for a quite a long time, and sometimes it's including me. 

Some thing may have the positive side but almost of all the things doesn't have any meaning. it's all about torturing. yeah, i think that way cause i'm an easy girl. i don't like crowded place, i don't like messy thought, i just mumbling merepek meraban sekarang cause memang sangat takk suke keadaan sekarang. cube lahh faham siket. orang lain boleh layan baik-baik. tapi kenapa bukan that person. treat die dengan fair. sungguh ! memang takk boleh blahh arr. bukan takk nakk jadi orang yang memahami just, saya pon mangsa keadaan. bagi jugakk saya masa. nak cool down. shit, this day won't be my day !



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