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Day 8 - Challenge
Saturday, November 19 | 20:31 ✈


8. Favorite thing you've given to him/her ?

So, how's your day ? Mine ? Totally a fully bored day. Since final exam end that day until now I'm doing nothing. Online ; check new-feeds, play games, blog walking, check emails, watch my favorite Korean drama, favorite series ; Twilight, err doing all the same things. Sampai takk tahu nak stalk sape dahh kat FB uh. AGAGAGA

ooh, fav thing that I've given to him ; Wallet. Why ? well, because he'll bring it anywhere, anytime, and always with him. Whenever he touch, open the wallet I hope he'll remember me. AGAGA. I thought it'll be that way. I just wanna be with him for the rest of his life. If the faith let us, I wanna be his only till in the heaven. Insyaallah. 


enjoy your life.
till then take care.


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