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Day 6 - challenge
Saturday, November 5 | 07:47 ✈


6. What is the most random thing you know about him/her?

okay, sepatutnya challenge nie semalam but penat giler doe semalam wa tido awal raw call pon takk gie. AGAGA ada wa kesah bab raw call uhh. paling menyampah lahh bilik kena kompaun. sape suruh keluar takk light off. padan muke wa sama roomate wa lahhh.

The most random thing about him is he's totally hates when someone 
is lying/lied/not being honest with him.
so whatever is he asking you, you have to tell the truth even when he's asking 
whatcha doin' ? and at that time you're pass urine or doing bowel open,
you must tell him. ;)

okay okay, till then take care.



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