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Day 1-challenge
30 Day Long Distance Relations Challenge.
Takk de motif okay !
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Day 2 - Challenge
Monday, October 31 | 22:04 ✈


Our ages.

guess what? 19 y/o babe. masih muda. belum masuk 20 lagi. HAHA, 
padahal lagi 2 bulan dah masuk 20 bagi saya laa.

birthday saya 24 Jan 1992 and si dia 26 Dis 1992; 
which mean I'm older than him. bahahha. but I use to call him abang. 

currently worry about final test that will be held by next week but I'm still working.
study? memang takk lahhh. penat doe balik kerja.

till then, take care.


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