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Day 2 - Challenge
Day 1-challenge
30 Day Long Distance Relations Challenge.
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Day 3 - challenge.
Tuesday, November 1 | 23:13 ✈



okay, we're from Malacca. Born and raise there. I'm from Batu Berendam,
while he's from Merlimau. 

now we're separated cause I'm taking nursing in JB 
while he's studying at Terengganu.

before this kami takk pernah nak jauh-jauh sangat but dah dekat setahun macam nie and we're can accept it. well, of course it's for our future right. so, just give a try. someday it'll be paid. i hope so. 

yeah, esok last practical. ta masuk wad lagi sem nie. Insyaallah. and next week exam.LOL

okay, till then take care.


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