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Chinese New Year
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susah sangat ke?
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14 February.
Tuesday, February 15 | 18:55 ✈


okay for this entry, bukan nak citer pasal haram nya valentine. rasanya sume muslim dah tahu kan. tapi ada yang buat-buat ta tahu sambut gakk. well. itu bukan tujuan saya mengepost entry nie. the point is, saya nak wish HAPPY ANNIVERSARY for mak dan ayah. yang ke errr ke 28 kott. *lupe lahh.

no wonder what happen, i always pray for my lovely this two people, my parents. i dedicate this entry special for them. tapi mestilahh mereka ta de masa nak bace. but at least this will be the way for me to appreciate them. and of course there is a little gift for them. hope they will like it. i don't prepare much for them. i seldom tell them that i love them so much really damn much actually. *malu. but the is i am. i do. 

mak, thanks sebab lahirkan owg kat dunia nie. even owg banyak sangat wat salah, u do forgive and forget. what ever it is, u always by my side but i keep lost my way. i don't know why and how i keep doing the same mistake. please forgive me for hundred thousand time. i'll take care for u in your hard time. i promise. i love u mak.

ayah, thanks because for my entire life, u always support me and give me pocket money. i know u work so hard to feed me. i like to sulk if u don't buy me only a pieces of pizza and u will get a box only for me. i did stupid thing that hurt u. i am very sorry. i love u ayah. please take care while i'm away. do take your medicine in time and remind mak also. do take a good care for mak. 

huu. emosi. emosi. hujan rintik-rintik. mata bergenang-genang.
let's cut the point.

for faezah KZ, so sorry for being the only one who accidentally drop your brand new X3 handphone. i'm so sorry faezah. i'll buy a skin cover later okay.

 okay bersempena hari maulud nabi our love, kelas kami dipilih untuk rewang di masjid sultan abu bakar jb. this happened yesterday. sangat seronok dapat tolong siket-siket untuk preparation memasak kat sana. dapat buat kerja dengan kawan-kawan dan dapat towel lap peluh warna pink. HAHA. *ignore that.

so mari lahh kita berselawat ke atas Nabi Muhammad. 


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