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okay. kenduri.
citer lapuk ! HAHA
ta larat laa.
sumpah. terasa nak update blog nie. tapi ada macam...
good bye besties !
geram + suke.


Tuesday, December 21 | 00:26 ✈


okay hi. in this entry i'm gonna tell u about what have i done today instead of sticking on my chair in front of my laptop. yeah i move only to take my lunch and my dinner. LOL. :) 

u know her? okay. meet WARDA she is my younger sister. not officially because we're not sibling. 

*we're school mate at SMTM.
*i'm her senior ^^ 
*she's my junior
*seldom seeing she at school.
*start to be sister this year.
*currently love her.
*she's kind and friendly.
*cute and adorable too.
*she's not a fake. always be herself.

however i do jealous with her because her blog getting better than me. hey teach me how u do that cursor and and the tab moving. teach me okay. :) awesome sis. 

okay i debated about clash at my facebook status. seriously i'm improving my ENGLISH. thanks for give your opinions friends. 

till then take care.


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