Never doubt yourself. You're capable of so much more than you think. "Inded, ALLAH is with the patient".

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my wish come true !
raya keenam.
hang out jee tau !
raya kedua.
happy eid al mubarak guys !
saya baru cuti tau !
so and so
i want this ! i want that !
puas ati !
consider la siket !


the very bored sunday.
Sunday, September 19 | 13:55 ✈


hi u guys. so what u're doing with ur weekend ?

still celebrating eid al mubarak ? 

well. it's sound very nice and of course i am jealous with it.

yeah. i'm at college right now. doing nothing.

except i can't stop worrying about my trial exam this Wednesday night.

physics subject. wow. 

i'm just worrying till i can't open my books to study.

weird huh. uneasy or lazy ? u choose for me. :)

oke. i admit this day should be the whole day for study.

but i'm bored. my roommates  leave me alone in this room.

they're outing. ughh ! bored bored bored.


emm. wanna buy some food for lunch but feel so sick at my tummy.

yeah. it's a monthly sickness

oke iela. stop grumble and go to cafe for lunch.
maybe my tummy will be oke than before. 

*hoping !

ooh yeah. i miss u abang. 

whatever it's takes for me to have u. 

i will endure it. only for u. 

and of course whatever conjecture will u have

u need to be strong. and i will help u by your side.

maybe it's has goodness behind the sadness.

well. till then guys.

take care and make love with people not harm people.


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