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Forever 21 ♥ Part 2
Thursday, March 14 | 23:03 ✈


At last, dapat jugakk nakk post entry nie. Dahh berlapukk sangat dahh. But, who's care ? My blog okayy. Biarlahh takk nakk baca pung. Tapi nakk post gakk. Bluerk ! 

26th January. Malacca.
Spend the whole day with Efah and Sai. Miss them so much. Lama takk lepak and gossiping together. First thing first when we reached MP is EATING cause we're starved. Well, 2 bungkus nasi lemak pagi uhh takk cukup okayy. LOL. Jyeahh, they bought me a yummy, tasty, fantastic lunch at Kenny Roger's. Thanks BFF. Thank you so much.  And then, we went to burn up the fats with karaoke. Err, will fats will be burn in this kind of activity ? I guess not right. -,- After sang what-so-ever songs for two hours, we went to Tasik Ayer Keroh. Just for a walk. Snap pics. And watched the beautiful scenes. We met Dayah and Lubna there since actually they invited Efah to join them kayak-ing or paddle-ing the duck. While waiting for them, we snap so many memorable pics. Then, Efah sent me home and Sai wanna borrowed my external for adding up her RM episodes. When I returned to them, Efah gave me a cute blue box with a birthday card stuck on it. Wow, Efah! Thank you so much. Unexpected. Opened the box and there's a cute handbag with a cute decorated frame. How did u knew I wanna a handbag for my wishlist birthday. Miracle.

26th January. Evening.
We having a family dinner at the exotic restaurant. For the first time, I tried the rabbit burger. Actually, I've the same birthday date with Along. My oldest brother. So every year we're celebrated together. Ayah buy us a very special dinner with Sup Merpati, tom yam campur, bayam goreng tepung, udang masak with telur asin and the rabbit burger. When we reached the place, a pair of donkeys caught our attention. The Merpati's cage, snakes, deers, horse, goat, Merak, chickens and iguana, they all have gathered there. HAHA. And the best part, there's a small rabbit park where you can feed and play with them. Cute little fella. 

27th January. Evening.
My sister and I went to Jusco. She promised me to buy a crocs which I want it so badly due to the college's rules to wear a sandal with a string at the back. And I have none. Since my old one can't fit my feet. Thanks sis. U did a good deed. I'll value it and I'll wear it nicely. Thank you. Hee. And my MOM bought my dream book tittle Kisah Para Nabi. Yes, I want that book. Seriously. I really really love it. Thank Allah, the book in the new arrival since Popular only have Nabi Muhammad saw story. Alhamdulillah. Rezeki. Late that night, Sai came to gave my external. Surprisely, there's not just an external but with a pink paper bag also. Aww, thanks babe. Thanks. She gave me a heel. And a board written Happy Birthday beautifully. Thank you ! I love it so much. Thanks babe.

So, till then take care. 

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