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Forever 21 ♥ Part 1
Sunday, February 24 | 18:53 ✈


Hi, its me again. Cehh, macam baru semalam jee last post kann. Padahal dahh dekat sebulan. Well, how's ur life ? Like usually, every 24th January will turning up my age's number. So now, I already 21st years old. Omona. Kejap jee rasanya. Rasa macam baru tadi jee daftar nama kat Sharodz. Ehhh. 

Act, I'm not feeling so well right now. Cause I'm dying of fatigue. Lemah lesu sebab takk tidur semalaman. Nakk enjoy lahh konon sementara malam terakhir kat umahh haa. Nakk balun puas-puas maen wifi sampai mata dahh serupa panda yang terkejut baby die bersin uhh haa. Cehh, panjang pulakk bercelotehh mak ikan kaloi. 

Okay, cut that crap. Nakk cerita how happening I celebrated my birthday this year. Start from the night before.

23rd January 2013.
Macam biasa. Takk de homework and I was watching the Korean drama while kak salha preparing to have a nap before thumbprint. Suddenly, this two girls popped up (Cyida and Nadia) said that Tikah having a huge fight with her BF. Ana who is Tikah's roomate doesn't know at all cause she's lepaking at Umie's room. So, here come the drama. 

When we entered the room its was upside down. Like a tsunami. Cehh, ini semua poyo. Pillows and her lovely Teddy bear lying all over the floor. Tikah was crying. Kak Salha comforting her with hugging and so on. Me too. And Ana also. We're totally believe and be fool of this situation while them actually recorded us using a webcam where they put the laptop on Ana's bed. 

Suddenly Tikah get up and walked to the toilet and I was like 'Is she trying to commit a suicide?' While I was thinking, Kak Salha and Ana already followed her and Zula was like 'Silah, hurry up. Go after her.' And I was running like hell and it was recorded nicely which will burst out laugh to anyone. Embarrassing. 

And when she opened the next room's door (two rooms were combined with one toilet which is Cyida and Nadia's room) a dark and cold room was decorated with a cake lighted with candles. And we were just screamed out loud seeing that thing in that situation and just like terlopong kejap sebab dahh kena prank kann. The first thing that been said from Kak Salha is she will never believe if Tikah is having a true fight or misunderstanding with her BF. Ever again. While me and Ana was excitedly enjoy that moment even-though we were just been fooled by them. The cake said Happy Birthday Ana, Silah, K. Yong. I was touched. I am touched. I love it. I love them. And we're enjoyed the small birthday party with KFC and cake.

11.55 pm. Still same day.
Cheepa told me to check my email. While I was scrolling down my emails which is full of FB's notification and YES ! I found Cheepa's email. The subject is Happy Birthday Sayang. And there's a video ! Well, due to my slowest BB internet, I was just successfully downloaded it at 12.54 am. Excitedly, I played the 3.43 mins video. And I was totally, entirely, obviously, truly, and what so ever-ly TOUCHED. I was a happy and thankfully girl in the world for having such a wonderful partner. Still, I have the feeling till ever. I will not forget this moment. Never. Even-though there'll be a time when I get amnesia or whatever. I really hope I will not forget this one thing. Thank you so much abang. Thanks Cheepa. ilysfdm  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

24th January. Morning.
Hear the noisy voices of them chatting in front of my rooms makes me opened the door and a cute gift was placed in my Welcome rug. The card writes Gemok and I knew it was from GG. The one that called me Gemok since sem 1. Thanks GG for giving me a cutie, sweetie chocolate early in my morning birthday. Sayang nakk makan. Hee. And the whole daylight I was watching dramas and eating and eating and eating till the evening. 

24th January. Evening.
We have row call at our level. While waiting for the prefect I was chatting and laughing with friends and texting with him and SUDDENLY zappp ! There's a gift on my shawl. HAHA. Thanks Jue Aziz. My ex roomate in Sem 1. She never forget my birthday. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Value it. But our row call have some problems so we all have to row call at the ground. Once again, while waiting for the students to come all the way down from the building Anis called me and she covered my eyes with my shawl. She took me a few steps further and I was been surrounded by Yeah, I know their voices. They turned me to make me feel a little bit dizzy and sang a unique birthday song ever that ended with Selangit selangit selangit. Okay, that was funny. LOL. The moment I opened my eyes, a puffy, sweet, blue-ey, heart shape pillow decorated with 10 little hearts which represented the whole group 4 that shared to give a special gift for me and a big heart caught my attention. Its so sweet. My whole birthday day since the last night is so happening.  

24th January. Late evening. Before going to sleep.
I was watching the video again with Tikah. She said its so sweet and asked for a video from her BF. Apart from Tikah, Farahin and Raja cried while watched the video. That is so so sweet. I really thankful to have him as a half of me. But then, here comes the second prank. I was doing my business in the toilet and yet I hear my phone's sound like someone is prepared to record a thing. Uneasy, I opened the door and there was a reflection in the mirror where Nadia was holding my phone and suddenly Cyida came with a full of Asam Jawa's water in the pail. And splashed. I smelled like a beggar. Sangat busuk. Enjoyed it. And thanks to it, we have cleaned the toilet together 8 little girl. Flagella-Li. Thank you.

Till then, will be continued. (:

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