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Tuesday, April 19 | 21:42 ✈


yeah, wad baru nie lebih mencabar kesabaran. well, i must bare it for sure.
abang, iela minta maaf laa emo sangat. lagipun faham-faham jelah dah tengah bulan. bulan pon mengambang skang. so ta stabil laa keadaan mental nya. tambah lagi ngan penat keje. 
i'm really sorry. yeah, i admit my mistake. so please don't off your hand phone for the whole night. i can't sleep u know. and i must woke up early because i'll work for the morning shift. abang, i hope we gonna be matured one day. especially me right. please guide me to be a better person only for u. i'll try my best. hope our love will be immortal. and abang, please give me some times for myself and my family too okay. sorry about the caring things. IRLUNMUSFDM.

ooh yeah, last Sunday, my family came visit me here. hee. we spend the whole day together. and my ayah did something that makes me cry for the whole day too. aishh, nakal betul ayah nie.. well, mak cakap saya dah kurus. betul kah? emm. akak lak biasa-biasa je. sama je ngan fais. tapi masa mereka balik hari uhh, rindu nie bukan nya makin berkurang tapi makin bertambah pula. kenapa eak? rindu..rindu..cepat lahh cuti bulan 6 nie. ta sabar rasa nya. nak jumpa mereka semua. I LOVE MY FAMILY. 
and i can't wait to see my niece. hee. Mirza Batrishah, wait for ur auntie. HAHA.

well. got to go. 


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