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eh eh.
Quick update.
Berbulu bai.
exam yaww !
Abang !
Jalan-jalan sama family.
Wajah baru.
Like it yaww !


At Last.
Saturday, April 16 | 00:02 ✈


okay quick update nie setelah bertungkus-lumus mengedit kembali blog nie.
currently still working as a nurse la at HSA.
6 days working and 1 day off.

okay nak credit kepada Mr. Google and of course Dear Nana. thanks for ur tutorial. memang sangat berguna lahh. and i wanna say that can't wait till tomorrow because my family will be here. HAHA. anak manja kah? lantak lahh. ooh yeah. 4 April saya dapat anak buah pertama. Nur Mirza Batrishah. tapi sayang ta pat jumpa dia lagi. aishh, bila laa nak balik cuti nie. nak jumpa baby. 
well okay la. got to go. 


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