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Can i be such a tough girl?
Wednesday, April 27 | 12:04 ✈


well, i'm waiting for evening shift now and i do some blog walking and i found this sad but sweet post. i love to read her writing. yet i adore her words. back to my title post. yeah, i keep questioning myself. can i be such a tough girl? well, i don't think so. i can't do right things without my friends when i'm at hostel and i can do nothing when i'm home without my family. and of course i can't easily keep breathing and living happily without my only one Syarafi. 

till the day that i have to lose them, i hope i already be such a tough girl. like abang said to me, without people around me how i'm gonna be survive till now. yeah i just need someone and somebody to guide me. i keep misunderstanding people words including my family and abang. i always do wrong things without admit that i was the only who is the wrong one. now, i know that i must change. i must be matured. i must be a tough girl. 

for now on, i will try to change. i'm doing all i can to be a better girl. (Y) peace. 


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