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Tuesday, April 20 | 14:50 ✈


waa.first time uhh bagi salam in this blog. well pepople do change right. so am i. lets talk about the wedding. memang meriah and of course exhausted laa. tapi berbaloi. semua nye berjalan lancar saje. banyak sangat kerja nak kena buat. naseb baek ada saudara mara. boleh cepat buat kerja. saya just handle bab jajan dan bunga medar. tapi ada masalah kat due due bab uhh. jajan banyak lebih. bunga medar pula kurang. poor my cousins who didn't got that bunga medar. and u know why right. someone who gave it didn't look at the name list i wrote. i'm truly sorry. hmmm. jemputan yang datang alhamdulillah semua oke. makanan semua cukup sampai lebih lebih lagi.

haa. lets me story about the sad one. abang datang. even dia tengah chicken pop. he still come. but saya macam tak terfikir nak bungkus kan nasi untuk dia. jajan lebih sikit bagi dia. langsung tak ingat nak buat macam uhh. memang sangat sangat malu dan rasa bersalah dekat dia. even dia cakap xpe. tapi mesti terasa kan. kan kan. adohh. nie laa experience yang akan saya ingat sampai bila bila.  

oke la. malas nak cakap banyak. actually, this is the second time i write this entry. the first one just vanished like that. uhh so sad. well lets take a look at these pictures even not all.


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