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Tuesday, April 6 | 23:31 ✈

well. ari nie die cuti. so mmg plan la nk kuar.
mlm smlm lg da pujuk mak nk kuar.
fortunately.mood mak ngah baek.dpt $ skali.

emmm.pg td siap2 la.die ckp tiong ad.
hmm.oke la.thanks to him coz fetch me.
ad transport.so then call roy.
xkan tiong nk jln sorg2 an.
roy lak bru pas abes intrview.
JPA intrview maybe.don sure.

pas da mkn.g umah roy amek die. n blah.blah.blah.
smpai laa kat DP.
park je kat sne. tp g karok kat MP.
wow.sore dorg mmg xleh blah la.
tp yg psti sore abg lg bez.(=

then.g jln2 jee.mkn mc'd.
jln2 lg.tp separated la an.
dlm kol 4 da chow blek.

mmg bez kuar ari nie.
and i just know that someone who was crush with my abg.
i won't let that happen my dear.
she already know abg have me.
but she keep staring at abg.
thanks to tiong that makes abg story about that.
but i trust with my love.(=


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