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Ambik angin.
Pameran Tamadun Islam.
#tukar lagi.
tak ada tajuk.
Kerjaan. ;D
Jiwa Kacau.
Things past down.


Wedding at JB.
Monday, July 4 | 18:13 ✈


so, currently at KSKB, JB. already been here for one night. seriously don't have the mood to start study. rasa macam nak balik Melaka balik. plus, kad atm rosak so, memang ikat perut laa 2 bulan nie. aishh. don't know how to overcome this problem. hope i'll survive till the day i back home. pheww. pray for me. just now in class i have to buy two types of reference books. which is so expensive for me because i have money problem here. nak bayar duet jacket lagi. duet makan kena tolak tepi laa. ayah, macamane nie? T__T 

sudah lah. jom layan gambar jelah.

okay, miss abang. nad of course my family.

till the, take care.

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